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  • 365 shirts in 365 days? How harmful is that to the environment, please?


We are also a bit surprised, but in fact: not at all! We don't really get 365 shirts per person. Instead, each of us only has a handful of eco-shirts in our luggage, which we label every day with environmentally friendly and high-quality textile stickers that we have printed with your logo and slogan beforehand.


  • And how environmentally friendly are you going to travel?

What we are already doing today in our everyday life, we will also do during the trip: always strive for the greenest path. Swimming from continent to continent is exciting, but difficult in terms of time would be feasible, however, we will also board one or the other plane. Of course, this will not go without it the corresponding CO2 compensation take place.


  • We just talk to the elephant in the room: You hardly have any followers yet. Why are you the right people to spread our brand message?


Why should you have invested in bitcoin in february 2011? Because there are investments that you don't want to be annoyed about not having been part of. Of course we don't want to compare ourselves with a revolutionary cryptocurrency, of which there are exactly 21 million pieces, but ... we only have 365 places to be allocated :)



  • What kind of content can we expect?


At this point we could talk about "authentic content" and many other things that sound similarly expressive. But we want to spare you that and therefore come straight to the point: We have our own sense of humor, we discuss the strangest things, are emotional and cannot hide when something goes wrong. But we are also driven by an almost infinite curiosity, so that we can promise you now that this will be a huge, creative adventure. Wether on land (smartphone, camera), water (GoPro) or air (drone) - we are ready.


  • Okay, okay, we're in! But do you really want to generate content every day? What if you need a break?


Touché. It doesn't seem like that, but of course we're only human. Ambitious & disciplined, but only human. Fortunately, we are a tried and tested team that knows when one has to relieve the other. We also look back on years of experience in the media industry, which has taught us how things go - even in the most grueling moments. However, you cannot plan such a year completely. That's why we're really excited to see what absurd challenges we will face and under what adverse circumstances we will generate content on a daily basis.

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