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you wanna date?

you choose a day that suits you and that has not been taken yet. 

This for example can be a special day, your birthday or in a country, where we can simply present your message in the best possible way.

here is our travel plan, which we still have to fill with activities. gladly with your suggestions :)

Of course you can also book several days!

Here is our itinerary.


choose your message

our goal is to carry 365 positive & life-affirming messages into the world. so, what about something like: "hurting them back will not heal your pain...but eating at [insert favorite restaurant] will"?

as long as you can pack your statement into a compact sentence (and it doesn't violate any human rights), we can get started!


what's the price?

if you join us for january 1st, you're gonna invest 1 euro per shirt-advertising, for january 2nd 2 euro, for february 6th (day 37) 37 euro and so on.


On top there are possible social media package extras (you decide which package suits you) - we do not charge you for the printing and material costs :)

and the best of all: the absolute highest cost you can expect is 394.99 euro (for advertising +  largest social-media-package). 

the lowest price will actually cost you one sweet euro (on day 1 without any extras).

By the way, we were inspired by the "Million Dollar Homepage" - where 1 million pixels were staged as advertising space. The project became a global hit.

are you ready?

click me

You have no plan, if this project is useful for your company? Read here about the power of social media!

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