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the idea

in 2023 we will travel around the world.

included in our luggage: your brand.

on a trip like this, no day will be like another - which is exactly the reason why our outfit will never be the same as the day before - not for fashion reasons though :)

every 24 hours we'll change the message on our t-shirt (not the t-shirt itself!) to bring a new spirit to the world - this spirit we'll visualize in a written message on our chests

and in different tasks that we'll accomplish.

to achieve this, we gather together 365 companies participating in this unique project.

the costs of getting one of the 365 spots are easy to explain:

if you and your brand register for january 1st, you pay 1 euro per shirt, for january 2nd, 2 euros, for february 6 (day 37) 37 euros and so on. on top of that come printing costs and social-media-package-extras. we'll docment our journey every day on

instagram, tiktok and spotify.


ready? let's go :)

the world

we'll explore a lot.

25 countries to be precise.

our goal is it to get to know a wide range of cultures.

as germans we'll probably see that every other country is funnier than us. 


365 different messages

our goal is it to carry 365 positive and life-affirming messages into the world that inspire you. 

or at least they will put a smile on your lips.


if everything goes as planned (you can bet your ass on that) we'll bring this project to life with 365 pretty cool companies and self-employed.

which messages of them will we spread? and what fun ideas come into our heads to impersonate them? give us a follow already to find it out :)

You have no plan, if this project is useful for your company? Read here about the power of social media!

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